IT requirements needed by Each Team

  • Each team member should get his/her own laptop along with the required hardware. If possible, keep 1 laptop extra per team to avoid last minute failures. Each team will be allowed to use only 6 laptops at a time for the competition.
  • In case team require machines (PC) from the organizers, then they need to inform the organizers in advance. In such cases, only desktops will be provided, if available.
  • Internet connectivity will be provided at the center but our previous experience is that when large number of participants simultaneously start downloading big tools/libraries from net, then the speed get highly compromised and teams end up wasting lot of time. This is simply not accepted. It is recommended that teams come with machines pre-installed with required technology stack so that the dependency on internet could be minimized.
  • If network connectivity is an integral part of solution’s requirement then we recommend you get your own 3G Dongles, hotspots to avoid last minute glitches.
  • As team members are expected to work in collaboration, team should get one 8 Port switch and 6 LAN cables which will help them create team specific LAN for sharing data among themselves.
    Please get a Pen Drives or Network cables (CAT5) to transfer data from 1 laptop to another.
  • If teams are bringing any prototypes hardware kits required to display your solution then they should make sure they are in working condition and fully tested before the actual competition.
  • Once team has finished building its application, then they should keep all the data ready for organizers to copy. The copy of these applications will be submitted to RMC.
  • During the registration process all team members need to sign an undertaking stating that ‘the team will abide with all the licensing terms and conditions of all the tools/software they use during the ‘Grand Finale’ of Rajkot Smart City Hackathon 2017 and the Organizers will not be liable/responsible for any violation of any of the licensing terms or misuse of software/hardware used by the participating team or team members’
  • All open source software used during development of your solution need to be acknowledged